Sunday, April 1, 2012

INOVA Drops Rates on 6-Year CDs

Update: INOVA has slashed its rates, so their 5-year and 6-year CDs no longer are competitive with the PenFed CU 5-year and 7-year CDs.

My shortest blog post ever ... INOVA credit union recently dropped the rates on their 6-year CDs. They now match the rates on their 5-year CDs, so now I would go for the 5-year CDs unless you think rates are going to stay this low for more than five years. Here are the current rates (APY):

  • Taxable 5/6-Year CDs: 2.10%
  • Taxable 5/6-Year step up CDs: 2.00%
  • IRA 5/6-Year CDs: 2.20%
  • IRA 5/6-Year step up CDs: 2.10%
The rates are still competitive with the PenFed CU 5-year CD at 2.00% APY, and the Ally Bank 5-year CD at 1.74% APY. The PenFed CU 7-year CD is a better deal if you hold for at least about four years. The break even point with the Ally 5-year CD (if doing an early withdrawal) is about two years. The step-up option still is a nice sweetener. See my recent posts for more details on the INOVA CDs.

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